EU vs Sovereign Economic Model

EU vs Sovereign Economic Model

The Sovereign Economic Model is a stalwart for sovereign economics of a state.

EU is a centralizing black hole: EU has such a bureaucracy in place to remove sovereignty from countries in order to create a political "union".
This overflows to economics, where the EU:

1) regulates what and which countries can do,which cannot
2) has quotas for food production (e.e. milk)
3) forbids some local foods
4) distributes economic "tasks" to EU "favourite" countries, while forbidding other countries to implement them
5) limits state capitalism (while the Sovereign Economic Model encourages it)
6) de-industrializes poorer countries by shutting down local companies
7) favours large companies with huge lobbying budgets
8) removes competition as 6)7)
9) direct support to designated companies only

Sometimes I feel pity for European countries being handicapped by EU bureaucracy, and the instalment of EU nominated companies with related loss of competitiveness, will cause the complete defeat of many industries by more eager less bureaucratic Asian countries.

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